Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bird and the Worm @ New York Yoga

Today, we decided to go to New York Yoga to practice our yoga skills and to relax once more before the vacation ends. Like many other yoga places in NYC, there are different classes that practice different types of yoga including Vinyasa and Bikram. However, unlike many of the other yoga places we've explored, this specific yoga studio doesn't ask for membership to relax, or "open up your heart." At this studio, you could just pop in and for the price of $23, you could experience an hour and a half of full tranquility.

If you've practiced yoga/would like to, you should really try going to this studio. Who doesn't enjoy relaxing?

The Bird and the Worm

P.S. There is one studio on 86th and York and a Bikram (hot yoga) studio on 85th and Lexington.

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