Sunday, August 30, 2009

Come Join Us @ Loop of the Loom!

There is a BIG chance that The Bird and The Worm will be taking fashion classes at Loop of the Loom , which is basically a weaving studio that teaches people, well, how to weave and make clothes! Starting September 13, 2009 there will be 3 different types of classes available for teens ranging from ages 12-18. The 3 different types of classes includes a fashion sewing class for beginners, a fashion illustration/design class [ ;) which would be the class The Bird and The Worm possibly might be joining], and a fashion workshop. The instructor is Sarah Boom: email: phone number: 212-722-2686. There is more information about these classes and registration on the website. The address of Loop of the Loom is: 227 East 87th Street, NYC (between 2nd & 3rd Aves.)

Just some of the things they make at the studio!

Hope you all come and join the "loop!"
The Bird and The Worm


  1. Hey Bird and Worm!
    I think the fashion classes are a really good idea. Do you know how long they are for, and are they just once a week?

  2. 10 weeks, once a week, the sewing and drawing classes are $1200. The workshops are $75 per workshop (Sep 20, Oct 14, 18, Nov 1, 15, Dec 6, 20. Hope this helps!